Wednesday, November 26

There is a distinct lack of chocolate in this apartment

Rubbish day (job wise) as only response is poor.

Have tidied kitchen, ironed everything, put more washing in and got up to date with all household tasks.

I am just craving chocolate at the moment and we have none* in the house.. so have instead consumed entire packet of posh crisps in giant bag. Still feeling unfulfilled I have moved onto the jar of chocolate spread in the cupboard, maybe should add some toast to it?

*strictly a lie as we have the remaining roses chocolates which nobody likes

Tuesday, November 25

Strangely relevant horoscopes

Jobs applied for this morning: 2
Phone calls to apartment asking for doctors appointment: 3 (mysterious...)

"Gemini - Boredom starts to creep in today, and a bored Gemini is not a pretty sight. But whose responsibility is it to make sure that you are entertained? Your friends? The cat?"

Fat bloody chance of that one. Cat is asleep inside contraption and will most likely remain so for rest of day. Have contemplated poking her to make her wake up but not really fancying my chances putting my hand inside a confined space like that..

Monday, November 24

A blog of numbers

Number of enforced visits to Job Centre since last post: 3

Number of times woman at job centre has smiled during those visits: 0
Jobs applied for since Friday: 4
Rejections: 1
Correct lottery numbers: 1
Ideas: 0

Everything happens for a reason. This is my mantra. 

I just need to figure out what that reason could be...

Wednesday, November 19

A long time coming...

Hmm. Last post was 2007... 

I am far too lazy to fill in the events of every little moment since then so just to get you to speed -
  • I am now in London
  • A silly little thing which the media named the "Credit Crunch" has stolen my job
  • It is my first Christmas in our flat
  • My boyfriend now has some kind of high profile career
  • I have resorted to baking to distract me from desperate emails to agency staff
I have been "without job" for around three weeks. 

I have already began talking to the cat rather too much about subjects which I feel may bore her, I have made 36 fairy cakes and 4 large pasties (cake outcome would have been higher had I not consumed a large quantity of mixture prior to casing..) and I have given myself blisters ironing (?!)

So far my consolation lies in 2 possible opportunities:

Agency 1 has a job on hold which they will put me forward for (no idea how long this may be on hold for (think job may not actually exist and agency are applying some cruel tactic to keep me on books)

Agency 2 requested some further examples of work last Friday and I have heard nothing since (Please note I have also emailed the man since asking for feedback and still nothing - I don't wish to become a stalker but I am getting impatient)

*Please not that there are 6 other agencies but these are all unhelpful

When my boyfriend leaves for work I am without a human to talk to until he arrives home in the evening (as I have no money coming in I feel that I can't justify pointless trips on public transport.) All in all this lack of interaction has led me to become tuned into the little noise on my computer which indicates contact from the outside world. Like a little error noise, that beep gets me all excited - only to discover that ASOS has some more offers (which I can't really buy as am unemployed) or that the homebuilding and renovating show is coming to the NEC... It is now too late in the day to expect an email, so I sink into a mini sulk.

Tomorrow is a dreary day which I have been dreading since last week. I had hoped that I would never experience this during my working life but, alas, I have to trek through the East End of London to the Job centre where I will stand, mortified, whilst someone talks to me about how they think I could improve my skills (obviously a degree these days just isn't enough.) 

I bet £10 they will not have a clue what my job entails and will put me forward for a job in a wallpaper shop... 

Monday, August 20

At least I got to make use of my v. pretty stripey wellies..

As I sit at work staring out of the window I can't help but feel resentful to the weather.

It is a beautiful day outside, warm and sunny with a slight breeze - a perfect day for putting your washing on the line (If I in fact had a washing line, or even a garden for that matter...)

Yesterday couldn't have been more different..

We arrived at the V festival insanely early (2 hrs early) due to obsessive paranoia about traffic that didn't exist. We stood up in the rain for the next 13 hours. I feel like I may be about an inch shorter today.. Maybe will check that out later.. how odd would that be!

Very cold and very muddy, however, all of this pales into insignificance when you are stood about 15 metres away from Dave Grohl and can see the buttons on his shirt.

Ahhh.. and Snow Patrol were so good..

It almost makes me forget the hour and a half it took to leave the car park.

Thursday, August 2

Burning a hole in the pocket it never even reached..

I really did think that things may work out better financially once I was working..

Deary me, within 2 days of being paid (my FIRST paycheck) I have blown all of the money on a new car. I didn't even need the new car! (although it is very pretty and starts with a button..)

I blame James!

Now I can't buy my nice clothes for the holiday and will have to make do with the things I already own... grr...

Thursday, July 26


Today as I left the house and ran through the rain to my car my sandwiches flew from my grasp and landed in a bush.


(work going well apart from that!)